Initiative aims to help make affordable veterinary care available for all

Veterinary professionals from academia and the private sector work to improve accessibility to veterinary health care

Critically reviewing and auditing current veterinary guidelines is one of the ways the Initiative for Accessible Veterinary Healthcare (IAVH) is hoping to improve the quality and availability of veterinary care accessible to underprivileged consumers and their pets.

Presented in an open access commentary, the initiatives are not intended as a definitive solution, but as a starting point for addressing the gaps in accessibility of effective veterinary care, IAVH says.

The commentary will be available in the December issue of the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association (JAVMA). To read it online, click here.

According to its members, all stakeholders—including pet owners—veterinary health-care providers, people in academia and industry, and regulatory agencies, need to contribute to the discussion of the gap between the health care pets need and the care they are receiving, and work together to identify and achieve solutions.

IAVH is a coalition of veterinary professionals from academia and the private sector whose goal is to contribute information, ideas, and practical tools to promote the expansion of effective and affordable health care for companion animals.




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2 thoughts on “Initiative aims to help make affordable veterinary care available for all

  1. I have seen costs for pet care soar in the last 20 years. And I have had to make a choice whether to not continue my street cat rescue because I cannot afford the care needed for the cats because the prices are so prohibitive or to care for them the best I can without veterinary care.
    I chose to keep caring for them and rescuing them. But it hurts to know I can’t get them the help they need and deserve.
    I applaud your effort and your initiative. But I have no faith that it will ever come about.
    I will struggle on saving lives because that is who I am.

    1. I understand prices that go up. But I got some help. I got a credit card called Care Credit. You can enroll your pets and your self on this. It’s just for med care. This has helped me for caring for my pets. You can make monthly payments for your pets needs. My sister-in law told me about this. I have 7 cats and 2 kittens plus a dog and most of them are recues. Please check in to this. This will take a lot off your shoulders, it did me.