Over 130 Maui shelter pets relocated to Portland to find new homes

Greater Good Charities, Southwest Airlines, and Lucky Dog Animal Rescue partner to airlift shelter pets out of Maui to make room for animals in need amidst wildfires

Only dogs and cats that have been in the Maui Humane Society shelter prior to the wildfires were included in the transport. Photo courtesy Greater Good Charities.

Making room for the influx of animals in need—displaced and injured—amidst the wildfires is the driving force behind the emergency airlift of more than 130 Maui shelter pets last August 18.

The Southwest aircraft arrived in Maui on August 17, carrying hundreds survival and comfort supplies. The next morning, it served as the emergency airlift for more than 130 shelter pets. Photo courtesy Greater Good Charities.

In partnership with Southwest Airlines and Lucky Dog Animal Rescue, Greater Good Charities mobilized a flight to Maui, Hawaii to deliver humanitarian supplies and aid to the people and pets impacted by the wildfire.

The donated aircraft then served as an emergency airlift for more than 130 Maui Humane Society shelter dogs and cats to Portland, Oreg., where the animals were received by the Oregon Humane Society and other shelters to help find them new homes.

The Greater Good Charities worked with veterinarians to ensure the health and safety of the shelter pets before and during the airlift.

The effort was in preparation for the expected influx of injured and displaced pets that will arrive to the Maui Humane Society shelter because of the wildfires.

“It’s best practices in disaster to clear the shelter of adoptable pets so that the shelter has the room to take in any pets that the disaster may have impacted, whether that be strays or pets waiting to reunify with their families or animals that need help short term,” says Liz Baker, the CEO of Greater Good Charities.

Veterinarians ensured the safety and health of the shelter pets upon boarding and during the flight, according to the statement released by Greater Good Charities. The dogs and cats were evaluated and will receive necessary follow-up medical care before being put up for adoption.

The emergency airlift effort was in preparation to make room for an influx of displaced and injured pets amidst the Maui wildfires. Photo courtesy Maui Humane Society.

“Our staff and volunteers are ready to welcome these pets and hope this provides some relief to the community in Maui who have been devastated by this crisis.” says Steve Kochis, DVM, Oregon Humane Society chief medical officer.

Only dogs and cats that have been in the shelter prior to the wildfires were included in the transport. For more information or to share your support, click here.

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