Merck Veterinary Manual to Provide Content for VetMedTeam Courses

The first course will focus on mange in dogs and cats.

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The Merck Veterinary Manual is making its content available for use in continuing education opportunities offered by VetMedTeam. 

“This partnership is consistent with our goal of sharing authoritative information on diseases and conditions likely to be seen by veterinary professionals,” said Susan E. Aiello, DVM, ELS, the editor-in-chief of Merck Veterinary Manual.

The comprehensive reference covers the diagnosis, treatment, control and prevention of disorders and diseases in companion, production, exotic and laboratory animals.

First Course to Focus on Mange

The first in a series of online courses based on subject matter in the manual will focus on mange, a skin disease caused by parasitic mites, in cats and dogs. After completing the course, titled “It Mite Be Mange,” participants should be able to recognize the signs of mange and understand diagnostic testing protocols and treatment options.

The free course carries 1 credit for non-interactive Registry of Approved Continuing Education (RACE) for both veterinary technicians and veterinarians. Enrollment is on demand, with instant online access. Upon passing the examination and submitting the survey, the user is emailed a completion certificate from VetMedTeam.

Learn more about the "It Mite Be Mange" course here. See the complete catalog here.

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