Merial Extends Supply Of Immiticide

Supply of Immiticide extended by Merial.

Animal health company Merial of Duluth, Ga., has identified an alternative supplier for its heartworm treatment product, Immiticide, after recently informing veterinarians that it was in limited supply.

The product’s active ingredient was no longer available from its manufacturer – the only U.S. source of the compound, Merial said. However, the company plans to continue to provide this product to veterinarians in the same way it has these past few months, said spokeswoman Natasha Mahanes.

The alternative source for melarsomine is one that already makes it for the European and international markets. However, gaining U.S. regulatory approval for the new manufacturer will take time, Merial said.

For now, Merial has instituted a temporary measure to extend the product supply and continue to make it available to veterinarians. Through a restricted distribution program initiated in agreement with the Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM), veterinarians with an immediate need to treat a dog with heartworm disease are allowed to buy Immiticide containing melarsomine manufactured by the alternate supplier.

This product must be purchased directly through Merial. It is not available through Merial’s distributors. Merial is continuing to work closely with FDA-CVM and the new melarsomine supplier to gain FDA approval for this alternate facility and return to full supply of Immiticide as soon as possible.

Veterinarians interested in purchasing Immiticide should call Merial Technical Solutions at 888-637-4251, option 1.



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