Myco Medical Adds Scalpel Blade Removal Devices To Inventory

Qlicksmart, BladeCasette added to line of disposables for Myco Medical.

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Myco Medical, a national medical supply company and vendor of surgical products to the veterinary industry, today announced it’s adding the Qlicksmart BladeCassette and Bladesingle blade remover systems to its product line of surgical devices and disposables. 

Qlicksmart produced the first single-handed scalpel blade removal system and specializes in producing safer devices to improve patient and staff safety, according to the company.

“For years the healthcare system has focused primarily on patient safety but the reality is staff safety is essential for patient safety,” says Sam Kumar, CEO of Myco Medical. “Healthcare workers in the U.S. report between 600,000 and 1 million sharp injuries annually, however it’s estimated an additional 70 percent of sharps injuries are never reported. Forty-one percent of sharp injuries occur after use and prior to disposal of a sharp device.”

Myco reminds veterinarians that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) launched an inspection of the sharps-safety programs in surgery centers and medical clinics in four southeastern states. The unannounced reviews will target clinics in Florida, Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi and will run from April through September. The sharps inspections are being conducted along with the usual inspections and will examine employers’ policies and programs aimed at protecting workers from infections risks associated with contaminated sharps devices.

The single-use Bladecassette is designed so staff can use one hand to ‘push and click’ to change and contain blades during procedures without risking the other hand. Bladecassette includes three transparent cartridges, designed to enable accurate counting of blades after a procedure. The Bladesingle system works in a similar fashion to the BladeCassette but contains only one blade in a transparent cartridge. 

The Bladeflask system operates as a single-hand blade removal device, but has a built-in counter with a shut-off mechanism that activates automatically after 100 blades have been removed, according to its maker.

“We are excited to add additional blade removal systems to Myco Medical’s product line because it allows us to deliver our products and our message of patient and staff safety to an even broader customer base,” says Dr. Michael Sinnott, managing director of Qlicksmart. “Healthcare settings create significant health and safety challenges because healthcare workers instinctively put patient safety first, but our system is simple, makes work faster and easier and improves safety for everyone.”

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