NASC To Host Educational Conference

Educational Conference to be hosted by NASC.

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The National Animal Supplement Council (NASC), a nonprofit industry trade group, plans to hold its annual conference on Wednesday, May 11 through Friday, May 13, 2011, in San Diego.

The event, which is mandatory for all NASC members, will feature educational workshops and presentations designed to keep animal supplement professionals up-to-date on regulatory programs and industry trends. Portions of the conference, including the keynote speech and certain workshops, are open to non-members.

“As our organization grows, it’s necessary for us to provide members with an executive forum that keeps them and our industry ahead of the curve from both a regulatory and business perspective,” said NASC president Bill Bookout.

The first day of the conference includes a basic training session for NASC members only.
Workshops held on Thursday and Friday are open to non-NASC members. Topics include: how to identify quality contract manufacturers and raw material suppliers; effective probiotic use in products; developments in Canada; labeling; trends and growth opportunities in the equine and companion animal markets; and updates on state and federal programs.

In his keynote speech, Sports Illustrated editor Jim Gorant, author of The Lost Dogs, will discuss the rehabilitation of dogs seized in the Michael Vick dog fighting case.
Nutrition industry veteran and co-founder of Nutrition Business Journal Tom Aarts will conclude the conference with a state-of-the-supplement-industry address.

In addition to the workshops, NASC will present its animal supplement industry awards during a special dinner presentation.

Conference sponsors include Sani-Matic Inc., HBH Pet Products, Pharmore Ingredients, ProTec Laboratory, Wells Fargo Insurance Services USA Inc., Bio-Cat Inc., TSI Inc., Eurofins Scientific Inc., Alkemists Labs, North American Compendiums Inc., Foodscience Corp., Ridley Feed Ingredients, Garmon Corp., Uckele Health & Nutrition, Recall InfoLink and Kemin Inc.

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