New Fast-Acting Gel Designed to Stop Blood Loss

Plant-based Vetigel may be used in biopsies, emergency care and other situations.

A New York City start-up company is launching a plant-based veterinary gel that its inventors say hardens quickly to stop moderate to severe bleeding in 12 seconds or less.

Vetigel is made by Suneris Inc., whose CEO and co-founder, Joe Landolina, MS, has a background in biocompatible polymers.

“What Vetigel delivers in terms of time savings and convenience makes a huge, perhaps even life-or-death, difference for veterinarians and pets in the fight against blood loss,” Landolina said. “We believe Vetigel will change the way veterinarians achieve hemostasis.”

Vetigel is veterinary-exclusive and is delivered through a syringe internally or externally, Suneris stated. Based on a hemophilic polymer made from polysaccharides, the gel takes on the properties of the surrounding tissue, the company added.

“The clot formed by Vetigel is strong enough to withstand the removal of excess gel, and due to its biocompatible nature, excess product can be left in the body to absorb,” Suneris reported.

The company is marketing the gel for use in procedures such as biopsies, dental extractions, and emergency and critical care.

Vetigel should begin shipping in the United States and the United Kingdom on Sept. 1, according to Suneris. U.S. sales will be done directly through the company, while U.K. orders will be handled by VetPlus.

Suneris reported that the ingredients in Vetigel are recognized as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. A third-party safety study was conducted.

“Suneris has performed a substantial amount of in vivo surgical work that is currently under consideration for journal publication,” a spokesman said.

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