New Flea Medication Made for Cats, Dogs

ParaDefense marks an Atlanta company’s initial entry into the veterinary field.

CAP IM Supply Inc., a young company in the pet medications market, today released ParaDefense, a veterinary-exclusive flea preventive for cats and dogs.

ParaDefense (imidacloprid/pyriproxyfen) is sold by distributor Henry Schein Animal Health and is marketed as a lower cost option for price-sensitive clients. The monthly topical drug also is seen as a way to entice pet owners to shop for anti-flea medications at a veterinary clinic—and visit more often—rather than purchase elsewhere.

The Atlanta company cited a 2015 study that found two-thirds of pet owners bought flea and tick drugs from non-veterinary sources.

ParaDefense contains the insecticide imidacloprid and the insect growth regulator pyriproxyfen. A four-month supply comes in two sizes for cats and four for dogs.

The medication is formulated to kill all flea life stages, work on dogs within 12 hours of application and remain effective after bathing, according to the manufacturer.

ParaDefense is the first product from CAP IM Supply, which was established in 2014.

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2 thoughts on “New Flea Medication Made for Cats, Dogs

  1. A cat I was very close to, was given the ParaDefense medication and for 2 weeks had a horrible reaction (I wont go into detail, but just know it was awful). Unfortunately the sweet cat died. Prior to having this medication, I was told, the cat was in perfect health. Maybe it was the medication, maybe not, but my gut tells me it was. I just wanted others to be aware. Thank you.

    1. My dog has been coughing, nonstop, in the last two months, since I began using ParaDefense medication on him. He never coughed before. I wonder what’s in this medication. I won’t use it again on any of my pets.


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