Oldest U.S. Mandrill Has Kidney Surgery

Oldest U.S. Mandrill has successful surgery performed on kidney for abscess removal.

Wucaria, a 34-year-old female mandrill.

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Veterinarians have successfully performed surgery on the oldest mandrill in the U.S. The surgery was performed by veterinarians at the Phoenix Zoo and Dr. Brian deGuzman, associate chief of cardiovascular surgery at St. Joseph's Heart and Lung Institute.

Wucaria, a 34-year-old female mandrill, a species of monkey, had an abscess on her kidney. Phoenix Zoo veterinarians Gary West, DVM – EVP and Julie Swenson, DVM asked the zoo’s animal health advisory committee for help.

The committee of veterinary and human specialists determined that Dr. deGuzman, an advisory volunteer, would assist with the removal of the monkey’s right kidney.

“Dr. deGuzman is able to bring his specialized skills to the operating table, offering us opportunities to provide exceptional care to our Zoo’s animals,” Dr. West said.

Three zoo veterinarians, a veterinary anesthesiologist, a veterinary surgeon, deGuzman and Jenifer Traylor, RN, participated in the June 2 surgery to remove Wucaria’s kidney.

Wucaria is now comfortable and back on exhibit with her troupe.

“A procedure like this requires an incredible amount of teamwork,” deGuzman said. “The Phoenix Zoo veterinarians are an extraordinary team and have been really accepting of the advice that I can provide on the animal cases.”


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