Onsior Now Comes in Injection Form

New pain medication for cats is interchangeable with Onsior tablets.

Onsior is formulated to control post-surgical pain in cats through once-a-day administration.

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Elanco Animal Health has released an injectable formulation of Onsior for pain management in cats.

Onsior (robenacoxib) tablets were launched in 2012 under Novartis Animal Health, which Elanco acquired earlier this year. The two formulations may be used interchangeably, Elanco reported this week.

Onsior injection is indicated for 24-hour control of postoperative pain and inflammation associated with orthopedic surgery, ovariohysterectomy and castration.

The drug may be used in cats at least 4 months old and weighing at least 5.5 pounds.

Onsior injection “provides veterinarians with the flexibility to choose the administration formulation and corresponding labeled dose that best fit within their surgical protocols,” the Greenfield, Ind., company stated.

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