Osage Animal Hospital

See how Jay Kirkpatrick, DVM, and his wife, Lori, built their dream clinic, Osage Animal Hospital.

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Jay Kirkpatrick, DVM, had practiced for over 20 years at Osage Animal Hospital when he and his wife, Lori, decided the hospital needed more space. The result is their dream hospital:  8,600 square feet worth of medical, grooming and boarding facilities under one roof. It opened in 2010 and is shown from where the old hospital stood. Live Oak Bank of Wilmington, N.C., financed the project.

In Osage Animal Hospital’s reception area, Dr. Kirkpatrick’s Iowa influence is shown in the use of a red barn and silo, and the animals depicted on the wall are the Kirkpatricks’ own pets. The barn motif includes sliding "barn doors” behind the checkout counter and "hay lofts” painted on the wall above. The hospital’s motto — "Modern Medicine, Down-Home Care” — is prominently featured.

Osage Animal Hospital includes ICU runs and dog and cat wards; the runs are cleaned twice a day and the outdoor exercise area is lined with artificial turf.

The hospital also features an advanced HVAC system that the Kirkpatricks credit with keeping the clinic from "smelling like a clinic.” It brings in fresh air, controlling odor and infections by eliminating stale air.

Their boarding kennels feature stainless runs with glass doors so the animals can see out. "We can board 60 at once here, counting two pets per run,” Lori Kirkpatrick says. "And we have cages for smaller dogs.” 

Boarding suites are furnished with cots and on the far side, suites face windows to the outside, so big dogs can watch comings and goings.

The hospital has five exam rooms, the biggest one being used for euthanasia, which is furnished with a couch to provide a comfy sitting area for pets and their owners.

The clinic also carries a limited line of products that includes food, shampoo and treats.

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  1. I wish I lived near your hospital. It sounds perfect and I wish you all the BEST in the coming months and years. One question: Is there some way to stop a St. Bernard from drooling? Our 4 year old does not drool and this 1 year old just started drooling. Any help is much appreciated.


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