OSU to renovate both veterinary medical center ortho facilities

Two of the VMC’s facilities will be renovated or expanded

Ohio State Veterinary Medical Center is improving on its orthopedic services by renovating the surgery and anesthesia rooms at its VMC Columbus and expanding the surgery suite at VMC Dublin.

These renovations are expected to wrap up by October.

To avoid any hiccups in service to orthopedic patients, the university provided an estimated timeline for breaks in service and relocations:

  • January to March 31: All orthopedic surgery will be temporarily performed at VMC Columbus. During this time, VMC Dublin will continue to operate as a 24-hour emergency hospital for emergencies not requiring surgery.
  • April 1 to Sept. 30: All orthopedic services will relocate temporarily to VMC Dublin.
  • October: The OSU VMC Orthopedic Service will provide integrated orthopedic care from two locations.

The VMC Orthopedic Services include lameness diagnosis; trauma care; non-emergent orthopedic surgery, such as cranial cruciate ligament rupture and medial patellar luxation; limb deformity; minimally invasive surgery; arthroscopy; total joint replacement; orthopedic revision surgery; sports medicine; physical rehabilitation and regenerative medicine.

Periodic updates as the renovations proceed will be posted on Ohio State Veterinary Medical Center website.

Originally published in the March 2017 issue of Veterinary Practice News. Did you enjoy this article? Then subscribe today! 

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