Pet King Brands donates $240K in ear infection products to dogs in need 

Ear infections can make it challenging for shelters to adopt out afflicted animals

Pet King Brands Inc. has donated 12,000 bottles of Zymox Plus Advanced Otic-HC Enzymatic Ear Care Solution to assist animals suffering from ear infections and increase adoptions of rescued dogs.

Ear infections, among the top health issues seen among dogs in animal shelters, rescues, humane societies, and animal sanctuaries across the U.S., can cause a myriad of symptoms, including pain, discharge, irritability, and even hearing loss if left untreated.

“We receive stories all the time regarding the impact Zymox has had on pet ear health.  We are also aware that shelters are overcrowded and under-funded with a large pet population suffering from painful ear infections,” said Pamela K. Bosco, Pet King president. “We realized we could help on a large scale. We want pets to become more adoptable, sooner. Plus, Zymox is very easy to use, which reduces the demands on the shelter staff.”

Pet King Brands said it will continue helping to promote pet adoptions, reduce the number of homeless pets, and support pets in shelters through additional future donations.


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