Pets Best Reveals Most Frequent Health Issues

Insurer reports the things that commonly plague cats and dogs.

The health problems afflicting dogs and cats vary greatly.

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Ten years in, Pets Best Insurance Services knows what troubles cats and dogs most.

Feline patients are commonly stricken by kidney and thyroid problems, while canines can’t seem to shake skin and ear issues.

The Boise, Idaho, pet health insurer, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this month, looked at more than 630,000 claims submitted since 2005. The data from 90,000 pets revealed an abundance of atopy/allergy claims from dog owners and renal failure claims from cat owners.

The largest allergy-related payout to a dog owner was $4,936. A single feline kidney case cost the company $5,909.

Here are the top 10 most common problems for each species by percentage.


1. Atopy/allergies  30%
2. Otitis  17%
3. Osteoarthritis  10%
4. Undiagnosed mass  8%
5. Cruciate ligament injury  7%
6. Hypothyroidism  7%
7. Pyoderma  6%
8. Undiagnosed gastrointestinal condition  5%
9. Undiagnosed lameness  5%
10. Urinary tract infection  5%



1. Renal failure  25%
2. Hyperthyroidism  20%
3. Diabetes mellitus  11%
4. Allergies  8%
5. Inflammatory bowel disease  7%
6. Lymphoma  7%
7. Feline lower urinary tract disease 6%
8. Cancer 6%
9. Urinary tract infection  5%
10. Otitis  5%


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