Pfizer Hands Out First Awards Of New $2M Scholarship Program

$2M Scholarship awarded by Pfizer.

Pfizer Animal Health of New York has awarded 222 second- and third-year U.S. veterinary students with a total of $555,000 in scholarships. The awards are part of the company’s new $2 million scholarship program, designed “to support the future of the veterinary profession.”

The program, which will distribute the $2 million over its first three years, is administered in partnership with the American Veterinary Medical Foundation. Although open to all students, 18 percent represent students from diverse backgrounds and two-thirds are studying to practice food animal veterinary medicine.

Pfizer Animal Health noted that the scholarship program is part of its broader commitment to support the future of the veterinary industry, including scholarships, training and education and research and development.

“Rising debt, insufficient diversity and fewer practicing or skilled food animal veterinarians in rural America are serious challenges to the veterinary profession,” said Michael McFarland, DVM, group director, Veterinary Medical Services & Corporate Citizenship, for Pfizer Animal Health. “As a market leader, we have a responsibility and an obligation to help support the future of the veterinary profession.”

Click here for a list of winners and program details.


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