Practice Specialist iVET360 Adds Service Options

Oregon company helps with staff development, marketing and analytics.

iVET360, which provides management services to more than 75 veterinary clinics nationwide, has split its offerings into three levels in a move to sign up more independently owned hospitals.

The Portland, Ore., company assists with staff development, marketing and analytics. Until now, iVET360’s typical customer—a hospital averaging $3 million in annual revenue—purchased the all-inclusive Platinum service level.

The new Silver and Gold levels are designed for clinics that “weren’t able to commit to the Platinum package,” said founder and CEO Matt Murray.

Silver services focus on marketing aspects such as branding, the Internet, call tracking and client communications. The Gold package includes the Silver offerings and adds analytical software to help with operational needs and pet owner compliance.

Not all of iVET360’s products come with a price tag. A free monthly webinar on marketing, staff training and operational analytics attracted a record 90 hospitals in February.

The company reported that iVET360 customers saw revenue rise by an average of 17 percent in 2015 and the number of new clients increase by 24 percent.

The management team includes three Oregon practitioners acting as advisers: Kim Freeman, DVM, Dipl. ACVIM; Laird Goodman, DVM, CVA; and Gregg Takashima, DVM.

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