Royal Canin Releases Multiple-Condition Pet Food

Multifunction targets a combination of issues in cats and dogs.

Urinary + Calm for cats is available in wet or dry form. Three other kibble recipes are made for cats and dogs.

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Royal Canin this month released a line of dual-purpose pet foods called Multifunction.

Made for dogs and cats, the veterinary-exclusive diets are formulated to manage urinary tract disease and obesity, lower urinary tract disease and food sensitivity, or chronic kidney disease and food sensitivity. A fourth recipe, for cats only, targets lower urinary tract disease and anxiety.

“Precise nutrition aids in the management of many common conditions,” said Brent Mayabb, the St. Charles, Mo., company’s vice president of corporate affairs.

Nearly half of all pets suffer from multiple health conditions, Royal Canin reported.

The cat diet is named Urinary + Calm. The others are Urinary + Satiety, Urinary + Hydrolyzed Protein, and Renal Support + Hydrolyzed Protein.

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