Senior, Arthritic Dogs Get Moving With Step Initiative

More than 3.7 million steps were tracked by pet owners as part of the nine-month program Steps to Play More, an initiative sponsored by Novartis Animal Health US Inc. and canine arthritis medication Deramaxx (deracoxib) to get senior and arthritic dogs moving again.

The participants used a dog pedometer to track the daily activity level of their dogs and then recorded the number of steps online at The pedometer and online tracker provided a week-by-week gauge of each dog’s progress toward getting back to playing again.

“It’s great to see these dogs walking and playing again,” said Bernadine Cruz, DVM, of California’s Laguna Hills Animal Hospital, who spearheaded the effort by more than 4,000 veterinarians nationwide. “Keeping pets active and on their paws is the best way to get them in shape and keep them healthy longer. With Deramaxx, the pedometer and the Steps to Play More program, pet owners saw firsthand how each step makes a healthier dog.”

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