St. George’s University, N.C. State launch medical, veterinary partnership

Through this partnership, N.C. State prevet students have the chance to study veterinary medicine at St. George’s University in the West Indies

St. George’s University and North Carolina State University have partnered to enable qualified N.C. State undergraduates to pursue postgraduate medical and veterinary degrees at St. George’s.

“We are excited to welcome North Carolina State University’s best an brightest to our campus,” said Dr. G. Richard Olds, President of St. George’s University. “This partnership will enable numerous N.C. State graduates to work toward their dreams of becoming the next generation of doctors and veterinarians at St. George’s.”

“This partnership serves as a great opportunity for prevet students to pursue their life goal of becoming a veterinarian at an AVMA-accredited school,” said Dr. Shweta Trivedi, director of North Carolina State’s Veterinary Professions Advising Center. “N.C. State prevets are thrilled to know that they have a guaranteed spot if they meet the requirements. They already have peers at St. George’s who speak highly of the program.”

The partnership will identify N.C. State undergraduates who have excellent academic records and a passion for veterinary medicine. Upon graduation, they can work toward their DVM at St. George’s.

Those who attend St. George’s School of Medicine will complete their first two years on campus in Grenada and their final two years in clerkship programs in other countries. Those who enroll in the veterinary school will study for three years on campus before completing their final clinical year elsewhere.

N.C. State joins a group of 24 medical schools and 27 veterinary schools in the U.S., U.K. and Canada that have partnered with St. George’s which has similar partnerships with Mahidol University International College in Thailand and colleges and universities in Bermuda, Grenada, Hong Kong, Guyana and Uganda.

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