Survey reveals cat-friendly practices rate high in client satisfaction

The Cat Friendly Practice® program’s influence on feline medicine continues growth

The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) announced the results of its 2017 Cat Friendly Practice® (CFP) Survey, which provides an in-depth look at the effect the program has on feline healthcare and the veterinary industry.

The 2017 survey revealed a 99 percent satisfaction rate among participants and that the program continues to grow and positively influence veterinary care for cats, caregivers, and veterinary teams.

What the survey said

  • 98 percent would recommend the CFP program to other veterinary professionals.
  • 92 percent state the CFP program has positively impacted their team morale when handling, treating, and caring for cats. Many practices said they are now more confident when working with cats, and their teams have adopted the use of cat-friendly techniques to reduce stress during the visit.
  • 91 percent reported an improvement in feline knowledge and care among practice team members. Many practices noticed a great improvement in staff understanding of feline behavior, feline-friendly handling, and ability to read a cat’s body language.
  • 80 percentreceived positive feedback from clients on implementing the program.
  • 80 percent have increased visits because they are a CFP.
  • 79 percent report increased practice revenue since implementing the CFP program.
  • 75 percentstate the acquisition of new feline patients due to their CFP designation.
  • 61 percentof CFP clinics report a reduction in injuries when handling cats.

Cat-friendly benefits

  • Less stress for feline patients;
  • Higher satisfaction among current clients;
  • Greater display of care for their feline patients;
  • Improved client retention or more frequent visits by existing cat clients; and
  • Increased attention and time with staff at each feline patient visit.

The survey demonstrates that participating veterinary practices and cat owners are pleased with the results and positive impact upon implementing the CFP program, according to the AAFP.

“The survey results speak for themselves,” said Heather O’Steen, CAE, CEO of the AAFP. “We encourage any practice that has feline patients to learn more about becoming a Cat Friendly Practice®. The program is an AAFP membership benefit with no additional charges, and there are many resources to walk you through the process. Implementing just a few cat-friendly strategies can make a huge difference in the experience for the cat, caregiver, and your entire veterinary team.”

Launched in 2012, the CFP program is a worldwide collaboration of feline experts who provide guidelines with recommendations specifically for cats. The AAFP was the first major veterinary organization in North America to implement a coordinated approach to minimize stress associated with veterinary visits for cats, caregivers, and the veterinary team. By creating a supportive environment of veterinary staff who understand cats’ unique needs and behaviors, and acknowledging the essential role of the cat caregiver before and during the visit, cats can have a more positive veterinary experience. As of Jan. 17, the AAFP has designated 1,190 CFPs.

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    1. Yep. And despite significant urging, they have shown no evidence that they are going to stop. Seems counterintuitive. Practices that declaw shouldn’t be considered cat friendly, but at minimum there should be a distinction between cat friendly practices that declaw and those that don’t.