The Story Behind the X-ray of Dog Who Ate a Door Hinge

Learn more about the dog who ate a door hinge, and whose X-ray won 3rd place in the 2015 “They Ate What?!” X-ray contest.

If it’s one thing veterinarians learn after being in practice for a while, it’s learning to never say you’ve seen it all. As soon as someone thinks that, inevitably animal will come in with a case that’s unprecedented. Veterinary Practice News’ annual “They Ate What?!” contest has brought to light some very unusual cases that stunned even the most experienced vets.

Third Place: Dog, Unhinged

X-ry of a door hinge in black Labrador
The door hinge removed from black Labrador

Six-month-old Labrador Retriever puppy Avery came into her veterinarian’s office after vomiting several times. At the Cherryville Animal Hospital in Cherryville, N.C., Theresa Taylor, DVM, examined the black Lab. “Avery presented with vomiting seven times clear liquid, not eating and uncomfortable for a 24 hour period,” Dr. Taylor says.

Avery’s owners suspected she had eaten a sock because there was one missing. They were right—sort of. Avery had indeed eaten something but it wasn’t what they expected. The foreign body was metallic.

“When we decided to take the radiograph, we were expecting to see a sock that the owners said she ate a week before,” Taylor says.

“When we actually saw the door hinge, we did not believe it.” When Taylor informed the owners of what they found and showed the radiograph to them they said, “Oh yeah, she did chew up the back door a few days ago.”

The team performed surgery on Avery and removed a door hinge that was about to perforate her bowel. At the owners’ request, the surgical team also looked for the elusive missing sock, but it was nowhere to be found.

Avery began a peaceful recovery … until she ate her IV line, complete with wrap. “Our reaction was OH NO! We were able to give her some apomorphine and make her vomit those items up, thankfully.”

After her recovery—and then recovery from recovery—Avery went home the following day. Since then, Avery “has been doing excellent,” Taylor reports. 

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