Top 10 Most Read Veterinary Practice News Facebook Posts of 2015

Find out what the VPN Facebook group was reading this year.

From canine breed-specific considerations for anesthesia to comparing notes about the vet medicine struggle, here's what the Veterinary Practice News Facebook group was reading in 2015.

1) 5 Times the Vet Medicine Struggle Got a Little Too Real

Laugh so you don't cry.

2) 2014 X-Ray Contest Winners

Animals will eat just about anything. The proof is in the radiographs.

3) What to do When You Make a Mistake in Your Vet Clinic

Use the "TEAM" approach. 

4) Top Veterinary Technician Schools & Education

Thinking about becoming a vet tech? Here’s a sampling of vet tech schools and programs to look into.      

5) Veterinary Students Pose for Charity Calendar

Proceeds from the $20 calendar benefit Cornell University Hospital For Animals' Patient Assistance Fund.

6) Vet Fired After Bragging of Killing Cat

‘My first bow kill’ was how Dr. Kristen Lindsey allegedly described a cat’s death.

7) Canine Breed-Specific Considerations for Anesthesia

Everything you need to know about anesthesia and how it affects the various dog breeds.

8) FDA Permits Longer Use of Canine Anti-vomit Drug

Cerenia Tablets no longer carry a time limit in older dogs.

9) Wanted: 4,600 Dogs for Bloat Study

Tufts University will examine 23 breeds to try to find genetic links to life-threatening bloat.

10) 5 Statements That Secretly Irritate Your Veterinary Clients

How rethinking these key phrases can make for better customer service.

What were you reading in 2015? Let us know in the comments.

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