Top 10 reasons why pets see a veterinarian

Skin and eye conditions, stomach issues are among the top five

Skin and stomach issues took the number one and two spot, respectively, as reasons why dog and cat owners take their pet to see a veterinarian.

In its third annual report, Cost of Pet Health Care 2018, Healthy Paws Pet Insurance ranked the top 10 ailments that triggered a visit to a veterinary clinic based on almost 500,000 claims the company received over a one-year period.

“Every year, we see pet parents spending more and more at the vet,” said Rob Jackson, CEO of Healthy Paws Pet Insurance. “We know it’s a combination of urgent care, advanced technology and treatment options, as well as a firm commitment to keep our pets healthy.”

The following top accident and illness claims for dogs and cats are:

1) Skin conditions (22 percent of all dog claims)
2) Stomach issues
3) Ear infections
4) Eye conditions
5) Pain
6) Growths
7) Urinary tract infections
8) Allergies
9) Cruciate ligament tears and surgery
10) Cancer

1) Stomach issues (29 percent of all cat claims)
2) Urinary tract infections
3) Skin conditions
4) Cancer
5) Eye conditions
6) Ear infections
7) Pain
8) Growths
9) Foreign body obstruction
10) Allergies


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