Two Suspects Arrested for Veterinarian's Death

Cynthia Campbell Eason, DVM, was murdered by her stepson and friend, according to police.

Cynthia Campbell Eason, DVM

Facebook/ 9NEWS (KUSA)

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A sad story out of Burlington, Colo.: A veterinarian was murdered by her stepson and his friend. According to the police, Cynthia Campbell Eason, DVM, was killed when her stepson and his friend entered her home, beat her to death, and then stole items from the residence. Eason was found dead on Friday afternoon.

A tip led police to arrest Dylan Eason, 19, and Isaiah Churchwell, 24, according to Fox 31 Denver

The father of Dylan Eason, Jon Eason, has called for the death penalty for his son and friend.

As he wrote on Facebook:

"I am wondering as a parent, why I'm so insistent on my son and his friend receive the death penalty for killing my wife over simple greed. I have never felt hate before, but I'm so engulfed in hate, that I want my kid and his friend to pay with their lives. I'm ashamed of feeling this way, I know Cindy would not like my anger and madness that I'm living with."

Neighbors and friends reported that they knew Dylan was violent and were "saying he was going to snap one day," reported 7 News and TheDenverChannel.com.

“I think she had actually called for help at different times. She was scared of those kids. She had had previous trouble and it didn’t end well,” John Stewart, a friend of Dr. Eason’s, told Fox 31 Denver. "I think warnings were given. Maybe not heard, but they were given. That's the tragedy."

The two suspects are being charged with first-degree murder, first-degree burglary, aggravated robbery and theft.

Dr. Eason worked for Red Oak Animal Hospital in Bucyrus, Kan. She studied veterinary medicine at Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Her husband, as reported on 9News Facebook page, described her as "a good doctor … so smart … And people in this town loved her."

Stewart told Fox 31 Denver that Dr. Eason was well loved. “Those animals need help and they have nobody. They have no insurance, they have no money and that didn’t matter to her. She took care of them,” he said.

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