UK Veterinarians! Want to be a Television Star?

BBC Science is currently looking for veterinarians to be part of a new television series.

BBC science is on the hunt for veterinarians who might be interested in hosting a show about veterinary medicine. According to the Vet Times, “The show will investigate what’s best for pets and explore the latest innovations in animal medicine — with the aim of educating the public on how to keep their pets healthy and happy.”

The BBC has approached the British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) as well. The BSAVA has written about what the BBC is looking for in their potential star, saying, “The presenters will be passionate about working with animals, and have great communications skills to engage viewers in a range of different stories. The BBC supports equal opportunities and wants to reflect the UK’s diverse population. Candidates from ethnic minority backgrounds and those with disabilities are encouraged to apply.”

The BSAVA recommends sending the BBC the following:

  • A video where you talk about yourself, your area of expertise and the most common questions you are asked.
  • CV
  • Photo of yourself
  • Contact details

Applications are due April 17, 2016. Email them to

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