Universal Unveils Portable PET Scanner

Diagnosing equine lameness is one way the piPET scanner may be used.

The 50-pound piPET scanner connects by cable to a 30-pound image processor.

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Universal Medical Systems Inc. has teamed up with a Maryland company to bring to the veterinary market a portable, high-resolution positron emission tomography (PET) scanner.

The 50-pound piPET scanner may be used with small or large animals and is suited for diagnosing lameness in horses, Universal reported Tuesday.

The Solon, Ohio, distributor of veterinary imaging devices noted that piPet’s small size allows it to be transported between veterinary hospitals. The machine’s 9-inch bore diameter can accommodate everything from a dog’s head for brain images to an equine leg during a lameness examination.

The manufacturer is Brain Biosciences Inc. of Rockville, Md.

“X-ray radiography, CT and MRI imaging provide information about anatomical changes due to trauma or disease process,” said Brain Biosciences’ president, David Beylin. “piPET scanner allows you to scan and visualize disease-related changes in metabolism on a molecular level, in 3D, with high resolution and contrast.”

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