Vet Practice Hits Prime Time TV

Animal Practice on NBC

The cast of NBC's Animal Practice.

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So I was drawn to it, like a moth to the flame, realizing all the while that I could be burned…and indeed, wings singed, here I am to report my journey through the new show, Animal Practice, on NBC.

We could at least give them an A for effort, if there wasn’t so much WRONG with it! Seriously, I’m an all-time fan of ER, watched every episode, and cried when it ended. Maybe I should have known that I couldn’t expect the measure of reality that ER brought to the screen, with its medical advisors and such, but I had such high hopes that Animal Practice would have at least sought SOME advice in putting a show on prime time about medical animal practice. But alas, here’s a list of just some of the things that were just so, well, wrong:

  • OK, so first of all, where in the world do they work? Yes, we have some large, expansive “hospitals” in our profession, but alas they are typically few and far between…
  • And the large hospitals we have are typically emergency/specialty referral practices, and guess what, they do NOT have grooming services! When I saw the line-up, I SO hoped they would represent a really good veterinary technician…but alas, she is a groomer it appears.
  • Really, and I nearly choke just writing this, why did the surgeon NOT have a MASK on in the surgical suite? Come on, that one had me yelling at the television, much to the chagrin of my family.
  • And where, even in the large hospitals, do you have a surgical suite with a viewing room? Come on, I know ER made that concept famous, but I’ve yet to see a veterinary hospital with that extra precious space being used for, well, overhead viewing.
  • So you knew I would get to it, I had to pinch myself when I realized that that girl was, I guess, the practice manager? Uh, I’m OK with her being pretty, and young, and obviously naïve about boss-employee relationships, but what about her wardrobe? Honestly.
  • Yes, I mentioned it already, but with as much as I lecture about practice management and the fine line that has to exist between the team and the manager, it was a bit of a slap in the face to have her trying SO hard to be “one of the gang.” And as far as coming home after a drunken night with a pig? OK, that would not have earned her an “in” with the team, in most worlds at least.
  • Plus it made us all seem like drinking fools…well, those who are, don’t take offense to that, but I don’t even think there is such a thing as Smurf drinks?
  • I am happy to report that although it struck me as odd when he first dressed in shirt and tie, I did remember that more men are wearing those to work, which is nice.
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So is there anything good to report? Was it a complete and utter waste of 26 minutes of my life? Well, the monkey WAS cute. I’m not sure he’ll hold the show together, but seeing HIM in a coat and tie was almost worth it…almost!

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