Vetericyn Changes Name To Innovacyn Animal Health

Vetericyn Changes Name to Innovacyn Animal Health

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 Vetericyn Inc., which was formed last year to bring to market its Vetericyn line of wound and skin care products for animals, is now Innovacyn Animal Health.

The animal business unit is joined by Innovacyn Human Health under the new parent company Innovacyn Inc. The product brand name, Vetericyn, remains the same.

Innovacyn marked its entry into the human over-the-counter market on Thursday with Puracyn OTC, a first aid spray for humans.
The product is based on the same Microcyn technology used in the Vetericyn line of animal products.

The technology is similar to the oxychlorine compound that is part of the immune system’s natural response to invading pathogens, according to the Rialto, Calif.-based company.

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