Veterinarian Receives Key to City for Saving Man’s Life

Dr. Jerry McMillan performed CPR on a man he says was the color of “indigo-tinted jeans.”

CPR on an animal is very different from CPR on a human, but sometimes when a veterinarian is out of the clinic, it’s a human who needs his help. When Jerry McMillan, DVM, was attending a meeting of the Gallatin Lions Club in Gallatin, Tenn., fellow member James Gillum left his table due to illness.

“I don't remember much. I remember getting up from the table because I didn't want to disturb anyone. I was weak,” Gillum told The Tennessean. Shortly thereafter another Lions Club member, who also happened to be an administrative assistant at Dr. McMillan’s veterinary practice, approached him in seek of help for Gillum.

“He made no noise whatsoever,” McMillan told The Tennessean. “He wasn't getting any oxygen. He couldn't breathe. He was about the color of (indigo-tinted jeans) on some parts of his body. It was scary.”

McMillan performed CPR on Gillum before the ill man was taken to Sumner Regional Medical Center, where he was told there wasn’t any heart damage and the cause was due to blood pressure. For assisting in saving Gillum’s life, McMillan was presented a key to the city and a certificate of appreciation by Mayor Paige Brown and Police Chief Don Bandy, The Tennessean reports.

McMillan isn’t the only one who has the power to save a life. Read about CPR techniques at Veterinary Practice News.

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