Veterinarian to Send Care Packages to Military Dogs for the Holidays

The North Slope Veterinary Animal Hospital is collecting items for the holiday packages.

Military dogs will receive care packages at Christmas, thanks in part to veterinarian Chris Gaylord.

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During the holidays we remember our loved ones and are reminded of the men and women serving our country overseas. What we often don’t remember are the dogs who serve with our military members. Christopher Gaylord, DVM, MA, however, had not forgotten. Dr. Gaylord of the North Slope Veterinary Animal Hospital in New York is putting together care packages to send to the military dogs this holiday season.

Staff at the veterinary hospital is collecting “dog treats, grooming tools, medical supplies and other donations” to put together the care packages, DNAinfo reports. The care packages will also include heartworm and flea and tick medication and thank you notes if donors wish to send one.

“We don’t often think about these dogs overseas doing this insane job,” Gaylord told DNAinfo. “It’s pretty impressive — they're literally risking their lives out in the field and if we can do something to help them, I think we should… From my understanding military dogs have pretty good lives, but they have also a really dangerous, intense job to do. It's obviously different than going and hanging out in Prospect Park every morning.”

North Slope Veterinary Animal Hospital and Operation K9 Care are working together to get the care packages to the military dogs. Donations are being accepted now until Dec. 15. Additional information, as well as a list of what is still needed, can be found here on the North Slope Veterinary website.

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