Veterinarian Wants to Help Cat Who is Allergic to Her Teeth

Dr. Amy Laws says it’s the tartar on the cat’s teeth that is the root of the allergy.

Veterinarians understand the importance of dental care for pets, as well as the frustration that sometimes accompanies it — both from a client and doctor point of view — when the client just can’t afford the necessary procedure for their pet.

When Amy Laws, DVM, came across Sassy, she was met with that exact frustration. Sassy is a 3-year-old cat with Feline Lymphocytic Plasmacytic Stomatitis, KAIT reports. The chronic allergy to tartar buildup is causing the cat excruciating pain. Dr. Laws, along with other staff at the Harrisburg Veterinary Clinic in Harrisburg, Ark., posted on the clinic’s Facebook page that they “have been doing pain medication, antibiotics and cold laser therapy to help keep the pain at bay, but it is not helping anymore.”

“With any little bit of bacteria, her mouth reacts to it and she gets ulcers and then the ulcers get bigger,” Dr. Laws told KAIT. “Every time she closes her mouth she chews on the inside of her cheeks and so they are raw and bleeding.” The Harrisburg Veterinary Clinic Facebook post added that “the insides of her cheeks look like ground meat.”

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Since the current treatment isn’t helping Sassy any longer, Laws is opting to pull all of the cat’s back teeth. Her owner, however, being on a fixed income, is unable to afford the procedure. While the surgery will take place on Wednesday for the sake of the cat’s health, funding is still necessary. If you wish to donate, call the Harrisburg Veterinary Clinic at (870) 578-9455.


Meet Sassy, she is a cat with a terribly painful disease. She is basically allergic to her teeth and the insides of her…

Posted by Harrisburg Veterinary Clinic on Monday, February 8, 2016

Laws told KAIT, “I just want to make this kitty’s life better.”

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