Veterinarians Give Flamingo a Second Chance With Artificial Leg

Veterinarians at a Brazilian zoo help a pink flamingo in need.

A Chilean pink flamingo adjusts to its artificial limb.


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When a pink flamingo fractured its leg at Sorocaba Zoo in the southeastern part of Brazil, the veterinary team had to act quickly. Although it is not known how the flamingo injured itself, Breaking News reports that to prevent an infection from killing the bird, Dr. Andre Costa, a veterinarian at the zoo, surgically removed the limb.

Noting that the 6-year-old flamingo would not survive with only one leg, Costa and his team chose to supply the ailing bird with an artificial leg. The 7-inch limb — made of carbon — was donated by prosthesis manufacturer that is local to the area.

Reuters Video

This X-ray shows the leg fracture that the flamingo suffered.

Costa attached the new limb and so far the Chilean pink flamingo is adjusting nicely. He has a bit of a limp still as he gets used to it, but he tucks it under himself in the familiar pose we all associate with flamingos.

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