Veterinarian's New Book Explores Life as a Rural Vet

William H. Green, DVM, writes about his years as a rural veterinarian in his book, “Doc, Did I Wake You?”


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William H. Green, D.V.M., has 27 years of stories and memories from his time as the owner of a rural veterinary hospital. Now he's sharing them all in his new book, "Doc, Did I Wake You?"

The book, according to its synopsis, shows readers what it's like to be a rural veterinarian.

"In his book, Dr. Green tells stories about animals, their owners, and other unique characters that he encountered in his years of veterinary practice. You almost feel that you were present when the events took place. Animal lovers will enjoy the heartwarming stories, the humorous stories, and the almost unbelievable true stories about animals and their caretakers. Dr. Green talks about treating cats, dogs, and cows during the daytime and then skunks, horses, or elephants at night. Each day brought something different-most of which was unplanned. Needless to say, days and nights were long, and sleep came at a premium. When he did get a chance to rest he dreaded that middle of the night phone call that began with, 'Doc, did I wake you up?'"

Why did he decide to write the book? “I had accumulated the stories in this book over several years and decided a couple of years ago to compile them so that my grandchildren could enjoy some of my life stories and experiences that happened during my years of veterinary practice,” Green told The News Star. “I hope that people who read this book will come away with a greater appreciation of the veterinary profession in general and be able to realize the challenges and rewards of a rural veterinarian as he deals with so many different and unique people and animals.”

Green is the professor of agricultural sciences and interim director of the School of Agricultural Sciences and Forestry at Louisiana Tech University. He graduated from Auburn University in 1972.

The book is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other booksellers.

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