Veterinarians Remove Diamond Engagement Ring from Dog’s Stomach

Vets used an endoscope to retrieve the ring from Tux, the French bulldog’s mouth.

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WFSB 3 Connecticut

My dog once ate an entire bottle of prescription medication. That same dog thought the carpet was mighty tasty as well. While preparing dinner, a friend discovered that four uncooked chicken breasts were suddenly missing from the counter, while her dog sat on the kitchen floor looking at her. The veterinarian who treated her dog teased that he could rinse them off and give them back to her so she could finish making dinner. Dog owners and veterinarians alike have experienced this at one time or another. The animal ate something he shouldn’t have and there it is, clear as day on the radiograph.

Jessica Farah, a dog owner out of Miami, Florida, was sitting at home relaxing one day while Tux, her French bulldog, played. She could hear him chewing on something and assumed it was her other dog’s collar, as Tux likes to do. Shortly after, she looked at her hand and discovered her engagement ring was missing, wfsb.com reports. After searching all over the house, Farah realized that the noise she heard was most likely Tux chewing on her ring.

The following morning Farah took Tux to Ludlam Dixie Animal Clinic where veterinarians confirmed that her dog had indeed swallowed her ring.

Veterinarians had two options available. Either they could wait and hope the ring would pass, or they could go in and pull it out. Robert Ferran, DVM, noted that it was important the ring didn’t move to the intestine because of the increased difficulty in getting it out, wfsb.com reports. The doctors chose the second option, and, along with veterinarians from Miami Veterinary Specialists, used an endoscope to retrieve the ring from Tux’s mouth.

Farah told wfsb.com that the ring is never coming off again.

This is not the first time something like this has happened, and it certainly won’t be the last. We’re sure you have experienced this a time or two. What crazy thing have you fished out of your patients?

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