Veterinary Dentist Gives Dog Braces and It's Just Too Cute

Wesley’s adult teeth grew in crooked, making him unable to completely close his mouth.

“When people hear that Dr. Moore is a ‘doggie dentist,’ they immediately say things like: ‘What? Does he put braces on dogs, too?’” Harborfront Hospital for Animals in Spring Lake, Minn., wrote on its Facebook page. “The answer is yes. Yes, he does.” He also does root canals and oral surgery.

James Moore, DVM, recently placed braces on his “grand dog,” Wesley. While braces are often for aesthetic purposes in humans, for dogs they’re because of health issues. Wesley’s adult teeth grew in misaligned, so much so that he couldn’t close his mouth completely, Harborfront Hospital for Animals continued in its Facebook post.

Rather than let him continue to have trouble eating, the solution, of course, was simple: braces.



Though often uncomfortable for humans, Harborfront Hospital for Animals reported that having braces “doesn’t bother him one little bit… He’s a happy little guy.”


Wesley will only have to wear the braces for a few weeks.

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