Veterinary Teams Get Candid In VHMA Survey

The Candid Confessions survey was distributed at meetings of the American Animal Hospital Association, North American Veterinary Community and Western Veterinary Conference.

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The "Candid Confessions” survey was completed by 1,597 individuals, including veterinary associates, assistants, technicians, office managers, hospital administrators, practice managers and practice owners.

In regard to business profits, more than 60 percent of veterinary assistants, practice managers and hospital administrators were aware that the money is often reinvested to grow and improve the practice.

Asked to identify areas in their practice that needed improvement, the top three responses among all respondents were training (45 percent), staff communication (40 percent) and client communication and service (32 percent).

Respondents were asked to describe the culture of change at their practice. The responses were evenly distributed among "change is started but not followed through” (27 percent), "change is slow and difficult” (27 percent), "most of the team embraces change” (23 percent) and "we are always changing for the better” (20 percent).

VHMA noted that the issues touched upon in the survey are routinely addresses in the organization’s webinars, conferences, products and publications, which may be accessed at

8/8/2013 3:19 PM

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