Vets To Dispense Online Veterinary Advice For Fees

Jed Schaible, VMD, and Laci Schaible, DVM, of Bethlehem, Pa., have launched, a new website designed to give pet owners round the clock veterinary advice.

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Jed Schaible, VMD, and Laci Schaible, DVM, of Bethlehem, Pa., have launched, a new wesite designed to give pet owners round-the-clock veterinary advice.

The husband and wife team said the website ushers in a new standard in pet care by giving pet owners the opportunity to ask questions, get a second opinion or chat live from “the comfort of their own home at an affordable price.” Prices range from $12.95 to $34.95 and can be paid through Google Checkout or PayPal.

“We felt it was time for pet owners to take control of their pet’s health and healthcare spending,” Dr. Jed Schaible said.

Pet owners using the service will not have to make and wait for appointments or transport and possible stress their pets, he said.

Owners can also upload pictures of their pet’s problem as well as medical documents to be reviewed by the veterinarian, according to Dr. Laci Schaible.

Veterinarians interested in becoming a paid “VetLive Expert” can apply at the website. Veterinarians must have an active license and be in good standing with no pending actions. Applicants must also pass a medical proficiency exam via e-mail.

One of VetLive’s core principals is charity, the two veterinarians noted. Pet owners can donate one dollar or more at checkout. These funds are collected and donated to pet charities that pet owners choose from a list. Charity examples include the American Humane Association and Days End Horse Rescue.

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