Wisconsin’s Vet Teaching Hospital Gets Facelift

The donor-supported remodeling project created a new waiting room specifically for cats and small exotic animals as well as two exam rooms with cat-friendly features.

The University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine reported that its UW Veterinary Care Small Animal Hospital recently underwent a remodeling project to help accommodate cats and small exotic pets. The donor-supported project converted two conference rooms into a single suite containing a waiting room specifically for cats and small exotic animals and two exam rooms with cat-friendly features.

For instance, the exam rooms feature cat beds, bolted to the walls at waist level. These, in addition to new cat perches in the UWVC feline ward, were donated by Audrey Martino in memory of her cat, Chester, according to the university.

“It really helps reduce stress for our patients, and probably our clients, something we’re always happy to do,” said Ruthanne Chun, hospital director. “It also gives us more space to accommodate our growing caseload.”

When the school’s teaching hospital was constructed in 1983, it was designed to accommodate between 10,000 and 12,000 patient visits per year, the university noted. Now the hospital accommodates about 24,000 visits per year.

“This is why donors are so vital,” Chun said. “They can help us keep serving as many patients as possible and in the best ways possible.”

Donors for this project include: Melita Grunow, who was the lead donor, and Ann and Guy Nakamura, and Paula Varner, who funded the exam rooms. The Nakamuras were inspired to make their donation by the care that their dog, Trouble, received as an oncology patient at UWVC, and Varner made her gift in honor of her husband, Steve, and his love of animals, according to the university.

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