Zoetis app helps monitor pet diabetes

The app, PetDialog, along with Zoetis’s website, AlphaTrak, helps owners keep track and manage their pet’s diabetes

Diabetic pets don’t carry smartphones, but they now have an app, PetDialog, made just for them.

PetDialog and the revised AlphaTrak website make things easier for pet owners who need to manage their pet’s diabetes, according to the app’s developer, Zoetis Inc. of Florham Park, N.J.

The app lets pet owners track a dog or cat’s blood glucose readings. When things get out of whack, blood glucose and insulin readings may be sent directly to the animal’s veterinarian.

PetDialog uses a timeline to display a pet’s daily routine—from walks and meals to treats and medicines—and allows the owner to record blood glucose levels obtained through the AlphaTrak 2 meter.

Three out of four U.S. veterinary hospitals use AlphaTrak to monitor diabetic pets under their care, the company reported.

Diabetes is a manageable disease,” said Chris Demiris, marketing director of U.S. diagnostics for Zoetis. “Tools that help pet owners with tracking and forwarding information to veterinarian … result in better outcomes.”

The revamped AlphaTrak website offers how-to videos, articles, podcasts and infographics focusing on diabetes management.

PetDialog may be downloaded at the iTunes and Google Play stores.

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