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Vet Receptionists: Why You Need to be Strong For Your Clients

When a client enters the veterinary clinic, find out why they need you to be so strong.

SynDaver Labs Launches Synthetic Canine Model

The canine is an anatomically accurate model that veterinary students can practice surgeries on. The company has also launched a campaign to end terminal surgeries in vet schools.

7 Ways to Boost Your Veterinary Team’s Morale

Create a positive work environment with these tips.

3-D Imager Provides Closer Look Inside

Pennsylvania hospital paid more than $200,000 for its advanced machine.

Ontario Vet College Names New Biomedical Sciences Chair

Dr. Tarek Saleh has been appointed chair of the Department of Biomedical Sciences in the Ontario Veterinary College.

Arizona Postpones Vet School Launch to 2017

Opening this fall is deemed impractical pending the outcome of a COE site visit.

AVMA Economic Summit Set for October 24 to 25

The annual event will be held in Schaumburg, Ill.

African Boerboel Delivers Large Litter at Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine.

Nineteen babies in total.

Study: Early Neutering Poses Health Risks for German Shepherds

The study from UC Davis researchers found that neutering or spaying triples the risk of one or more joint disorders in these dogs.

25 Vet Students Receive Scholarships for Leadership, Commitment to Equine Medicine

The students received a combined total of $104,000 in financial support Winner’s Circle Scholarship Program.

Petplan Looking for Candidates for 2017 Veterinary Awards

Pet owners and veterinary professionals are encouraged to nominate their veterinary heroes.
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What To Do If Your Vet Receptionist Talks Too Much

Is your veterinary receptionist blurring the lines between professional and personal when talking to clients?

How Will You Protect Animals Under Your Care During a Natural Disaster?

Your patient’s wellbeing is your responsibility, even during a natural disaster.

Remember These 5 Things About Veterinary Clients

A reminder to all veterinary professionals.

How Do I Tell an Employee She Has Bad Body Odor?

How to have this awkward conversation.

I Terminated an Employee, Now My Team Hates Me

How can this veterinary practice manager bring their team back together? Find out.

Are You Paying Attention to Online Reviews?

Why you should.
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