15 Tweets About the #VetTechLife You'll Understand Intimately

Blood and poop. It’s always blood and poop.

Suggested Veterinary Products

1) Not the worse thing you've gotten on you, let's be real.

2) Your life in six words.

3) But can you spell it?


5) Just another day at the office.

6) Just another gross day at the office.

7) Oh well.

8) Being someone's personal alarm clock.

9) Brace yourself for some terrible pickup lines.

10) Burn them.

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11) They got this.

12) It's not all puppies and kittens.

13) Nail trims. Always the nail trims.

14) At least it's not your blood?

14) Better get another pair of scrubs.

15) But sometimes you know it'll be all right.

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