17 Times Tumblr Perfectly Captured Your Feelings About Vet School

Where do you begin and exams end?

Suggested Veterinary Products

1) When you have to sacrifice beauty for practicality.

2) For all those in radiology…

3) No seriously: Radiology.

4) When you know med school would have been easier…

5) You never know when that mollusk info might come in handy.

6) Meanwhile, cats…

7) When you regret going to vet school again.

8) Though you might not be as hopeless in that area as you think…

9) You learned something that isn't quite as valuable as what you were supposed to learn.

10) You should just invest in the highlighter market.

11) Oops.

12) When you didn't sign up for the exotic side of veterinary medicine.

13) Exams.

14) All those exams.

15) So many exams.

16) You have no hobbies.

17) Or, you know, a life.

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