6-Year-Old Aspiring Veterinarian Raises Money To Help Disabled Kitten

Kaitlin Miyashiro sold snack bags door to door, as well as in bowling alleys and offices.

Kaitlin is a huge advocate for Hope, a disabled kitten.


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Do you remember when you first realized you wanted to become a veterinarian? For 6-year-old Kaitlin Miyashiro of Hawaii, the calling came when she was just 4. At the time a puppy she bought died three days later – they hadn’t realized the dog had come from a puppy mill, Hawaii News Now reports. The incident inspired her to help animals in need.

Right now she’s raising money to help one such animal, a stray kitten with a spine deformity. The condition has left the feline – named Hope – unable to use a litter box or hind legs. To help Hope, Kaitlin sold 160 bags of snacks to offices, bowling alleys and door to door. In three weeks’ time she raised $800. Her goal is $1,000. She’s working with 808 Animal Rescue to raise the money and the two of them have a crowdfunding page for that purpose. For updates, visit the 808 Animal Rescue Instagram page.

Kaitlin wants to be a veterinarian and own an animal shelter when she’s an adult. If she stays on this path, we’re pretty sure that’s exactly what she’ll become.

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