Sleepypod Offers to Replace Crash-Damaged Travel Gear

Sleepypod, whose dog travel harnesses have won top marks, is offering a free replacement or discounted pricing when a pet carrier or safety harness is damaged in a traffic accident. The program extends to competitors’ equipment as well.

The burden of proof falls on pet owners, who must provide a police report and photos and answer a questionnaire.

Damaged Sleepypod products are eligible for no-charge replacement—other than shipping costs—while owners of other brands may receive 30 percent off the Pasadena, Calif., company’s selection of mobile pet beds, carriers and harnesses.

“Sleepypod wants to ensure pet safety after an auto accident,” said co-founder and lead product designer Michael Leung. “The integrity of a pet safety restraint may be compromised during an auto accident, so it is critical to inspect a pet carrier or harness for damage before being reused.”

Damage may include anything from broken stitches and zippers to torn webbing.

“If the accident is severe enough, webbing could be stretched, and therefore weaken the material,” Leung said.

More information about the replacement program, which was announced Dec. 18, is available at

The nonprofit Center for Pet Safety, which conducts crash-testing, has deemed Sleepypod’s Clickit Sport and Clickit Utility dog travel harnesses to be among the safest devices in the industry. The Clickit Sport was awarded the only top, five-star rating in August under the organization’s new Harness Certification Program.

Sleepypod also reported this month that pets using one of the company’s travel devices were involved in “multiple auto accidents” over a five-month period and that none of them were injured.

The manufacturer told the stories of two dogs, both using the Clickit Utility, that walked away from high-speed accidents.

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