AAHA Discontinues Seal Of Acceptance For Pet Health Insurance

The AAHA has decided to reallocate funds towards pet insurance education.

The American Animal Hospital Association’s (AAHA) board of directors elected to phase-out the AAHA Seal of Acceptance program for high-deductible pet insurance policies starting July 1 and concluding Dec. 31.

Since the program didn’t serve as an insurance commission to the veterinary insurance industry or endorse a specific company, the board chose between increasing funds to administer a more in-depth program and discontinuing it altogether.

AAHA officials said members and pet owners would be better served if the association discontinued the Seal of Acceptance and reallocated resources to pet insurance education for the profession and pet owners.

The purpose of the program was to encourage pet insurance companies to offer high-deductible, low-premium pet insurance policies, in which AAHA said it achieved based on the number of polices that earned the Seal. But AAHA received requests from members, pet insurance representatives and pet owners for additional Seal of Acceptance requirements and policy scrutiny, prompting the change.

AAHA notified pet insurance companies carrying the AAHA seal and is working with them to discontinue the program by Dec. 31. Trupanion, PurinaCare, Petsecure, Pets Best Insurance, HealthyPaws Pet Insurance, Veterinary Pet Insurance and Petplan all earned an AAHA Seal of Acceptance.

AAHA said the seal was a worthwhile initiative and credits the program with drawing attention to and action toward creating high-deductible policies.


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