AAHA releases new edition of Veterinary Fee Reference

The new reference includes US veterinary fees for more than 530 services and cases

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Discover how to remain profitable and competitive within your unique market with the 20th anniversary edition of the American Animal Hospital Association‘s (AAHA) statistical book, Veterinary Fee Reference. The new edition includes U.S. veterinary fees for more than 530 services and cases and more than 640 tables with data on discounts, vaccination services, and time scheduled for procedures.

The reference’s evidence-based fee setting data allows veterinarians to confidently price services correctly for per market (accounting for median household income of clients, metropolitan status of the practice, etc.) and practice philosophy, age, and size.

New and updated data include:

  • Fees for acupuncture and in-home euthanasia
  • Reasons practices elected to change fees
  • Gross annual revenue of survey respondents
  • Information on in-home euthanasia services
  • Frequency of preventive care exams, rabies vaccines, FVRCP vaccines, and other services


Veterinary Fee Reference, Tenth Edition

American Animal Hospital Association

Pages: 460

Product Code: VFRE10

ISBN: 978-1-58326-027-2

Publication Year: 2018

Edition: Tenth

Format: Paperback

Member: $154.95

Nonmember: $259.95


3 thoughts on “AAHA releases new edition of Veterinary Fee Reference

  1. I’m surprised this is legal – Years ago something like this was published, regarding fees, and was found to be a form a price fixing. I’m interested in how this differs. Thank you.

  2. The Fee Reference does not list specific prices, it only lists ranges and averages; it is meant to show directional trends and help those who set prices better think through an overall fee/pricing strategy. There is nothing in the book that you could “copy” and use as actual, specific prices. (It is however still a helpful tool if used properly).

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