Amphibian Disease Conference To Meet In Arizona

Tempe, Arizona will be hosting a conference predicated on inhibiting the spread of a fungal-based amphibian disease.

Almost 300 people, including veterinarians, scientists and fish and wildlife managers, will meet Nov. 5-7 in Tempe, Ariz., at a conference on stopping the spread of a fungal-based amphibian disease.

Hosted by the Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (PARC)–a multilateral organization with members from the federal and state governments, zoos, the pet industry, conservation groups and others–the conference will include panels to discuss amphibian deaths related to the so-called Bd fungal disease, know as chytridiomycosis and caused by Batrachochytrium dendrobatidi.

Speakers will review case studies and identify actions needed to limit its spread in both captive and wild situations.

Sponsors of the event include the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Fish and Wildlife Service and other government groups as well as the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council, the Phoenix Zoo/Arizona Zoological Society, the Turner Foundation, Conservation Intl., Defenders of Wildlife, the Houston Zoo and the Herpetologists’ League.

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