At-home vet care service expands to Ohio

Mobile pet care service company, The Vets, announces expansion of their services into Columbus, Ohio

Pets and clients in Columbus, Ohio now have another access to convenient at-home veterinary care services.

The Vets, a mobile pet care service company, has announced its recent effort to expand into the Buckeye State, marking the company’s 17th market nationwide.

Photo courtesy The Vets

The approach of delivering at-home, mobile veterinary service offers clients and their pets a convenient way of delivering pet care. Additionally, the company aims to foster stronger connections among veterinarians, pets, and their owners in a relaxed and anxiety-free environment.

“The well-being and happiness of every pet we serve is of utmost importance,” says Daniel Sagis, CEO for The Vets. “Our at-home model creates a nurturing environment where pets feel safe and owners can actively participate in their pet’s care.”

The Vets offers a range of at-home treatments, including wellness exams, skin care, and diagnostics.

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