BabelBark, Fear Free partner for pets, owners, veterinarians

Fear Free-certified members will receive discounts on BabelBark software

Pet software developer BabelBark has announced a partnership with Fear Free, an educational initiative designed to train veterinarians, pet professionals, and pet owners to ease the fear, anxiety, and stress of the pets in their care.

The new agreement enables BabelBark to educate pet owners with tailored content developed by Fear Free and become a tool for veterinarians to create unique pet profiles that can be accessible and shared online.

“Both [organizations] share a common mission of connecting pet parents, veterinary professionals, and the pet professional community through every step of a pet’s health and wellness needs to ensure pets have a Fear Free experience,” said Roy Stein, BabelBark founder and CEO.

According to Stein, the partnership will provide a new level of support to veterinarians through technology, allowing them to deliver individualized information and consultations to each pet parent.

“Fear Free and BabelBark believe in creating a strong bond with the entire pet community, ensuring that each pet visit is a positive and enjoyable experience,” said Marty Becker, DVM, Fear Free founder and Veterinary Practice News columnist. When the professional team and pet parent are on the same page regarding a pet’s health, the pet wins. There’s less anxiety during the pet’s time at the veterinarian’s office, which gives the client peace of mind and ultimately paves the way for better medicine, better communications, and better care.”


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