BIVI’s Bordetella vaccine tops 17 million doses

Sales went from 16 million to 17 million in a matter of months

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17 million doses and counting.

Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Inc. reported the milestone sales figure Tuesday for Bronchi-Shield Oral, a four-year-old canine Bordetella vaccine.

Marketed as the first oral vaccine to protect dogs from Bordetella bronchiseptica, Bronchi-Shield Oral passed 16 million doses in January.

“It seems fitting that Bronchi-Shield Oral would achieve its 16 millionth dose in 2016,” said Lorie R. North, director of pet marketing at the St. Joseph, Mo., drug maker.

The vaccine, released in April 2012, is advertised as being easy to administer.

“Practitioners’ only options [before the launch] were an injection or an intranasal administration, both of which can present drawbacks in providing the most comfortable vaccine experience for patients,” said veterinary technical manager Kyle Malter, DVM.

BIVI also pointed to a February survey in which 7-in-10 small animal veterinarians said mucosal Bordetella vaccines “provide excellent protection” against canine infectious respiratory disease.

A 1-milliliter dose of Bronchi-Shield Oral is delivered around the lips, cheeks and gums—the buccal cavity—of healthy dogs at least 8 weeks old. Annual revaccination is recommended, according to BIVI.

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